Watersafe® Rapid Bacteria Test – Single Pouch


Product Description

The Watersafe® Bacteria Test is affordable, fast and yields reliable, lab-accurate results on the spot. This test is perfect for many types of applications including swimming pools, spas, lakes and rivers, and recreational water. (This test is intended for use in fresh or salted water pools, but NOT for sea/ocean water.)

  • DETECT BACTERIA DIRECTLY – Our Watersafe Rapid Bacteria Test Kit allows you to accurately detect bacteria in your pool and spa water in just 10 minutes. The test targets bacteria, not just chlorine or other chemicals you use to treat your water. Know what you’re really dealing with.
  • QUICK AND THOROUGH – Watersafe is a fast and reliable way to check for dangerous levels of bacterial contaminants in your water. It’s simple enough for anyone to use but accurate enough even professionals can trust it.
  • WHEN YOUR POOL HAS HEAVY USAGE – Especially recommended when dealing with high swimmer loads, pets entering the pool/spa, or when young children may have had an accident. Rapid detection empowers you to make sure your family is safe with every use.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Using a public pool or hot tub? Small and lightweight, Watersafe Rapid Bacteria Test Kits let you test before you and your family swim, every time, anywhere.
  • MADE IN THE USA – buy from the manufacturer – We are the original creators of this unique product, so you can trust our quality standards just like professional users do. We take pride in creating products that are both reliable and accurate for dependable results every time.

The Watersafe® bacteria test detects E. Coli, pseudomonas and many other forms of bacteria. Results in 15 minutes!

There’s a reason public pools are required to check their water every hour. Pools are meant to be fun, provide exercise and family time, and increase happiness. The way to keep it that way is to confirm the purity of your water with a pool or spa water test strip. We swim in, submerge our eyes, nose, and mouth under, and sometimes swallow pool water.

That’s why we made Watersafe the easiest water bacteria test you’ll ever use. Because when testing is easy and inexpensive, you’ll do it more often. With Watersafe, never doubt that your pool is an awesome experience, free of harmful levels of bacteria.

(This test is intended for use in fresh or salted water pools, but NOT for sea/ocean water.)

Features and Benefits

  • Detection level: 1 Bacteria/μL
  • Fifteen minutes, no incubation necessary
  • On-site, no transit of sample required
  • No chemicals to add or measure
  • 18 month shelf life


  • 1 Bacteria Test Strip
  • 1 Test Vial
  • 1 Pipette

Additional information

Weight 2.47 oz
Dimensions 5.75 × 4.38 × 4.38 in
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