Watersafe® Lead Test – Single Pouch


  • Most sensitive  – Our WATERSAFE LEAD TEST is the most sensitive test available on the market that detects dissolved lead in drinking water at levels below the US EPA Action Level of 15 ppb. 
  • Simple & quick – WATERSAFE LEAD TEST is an easy-to-use disposable test strip that gives results in just 10 minutes – no chemicals to add or equipment needed.
  • Protect yourself & loved ones: Lead can cause neurological damage, abnormal brain development & kidney toxicity – don’t take any risks. Lead contamination is a potential hazard to everyone’s health, but especially to young children, babies, and pregnant women. Symptoms of lead exposure include high blood pressure, headache, fatigue, pain, and numbness or tingling of the extremities 
  • Test every faucet: the source of contamination could be inside your house, common sources of lead include water heaters and water tanks, water meters, goosenecks, brass fittings, and fixtures could contain lead and leaded brass. Lead contamination of drinking water has been found in every major city in the US. Most filters, as well as boiling your water does not remove lead. 
  • Developed & manufactured in USA: Buy from the company that developed and manufactured this novel test kit; Beware of imitations. Get peace of mind knowing that you’re using an authentic product built to safeguard your drinking water.

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Product Description

Ensure your family's safety with Watersafe Lead Test! **Discover the power of Watersafe:** - Detects dissolved lead in drinking water below EPA Action Levels. - Simple, quick, disposable test strip - just add water and wait 8 minutes. - Most sensitive rapid test, detecting lead at less than 5 parts per billion. - Get results in just 8 minutes - No chemicals or equipment required - safe to use anywhere. - Based on revolutionary immunoassay technology, proprietary and unique. - For complete testing, consider our Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit, detecting all major contaminants. **Why use Watersafe Lead Test:** - Protect everyone's health, especially children, babies, and pregnant women. - Lead can cause neurological damage, abnormal brain development, and more. - Symptoms include high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and numbness. - Lead can leach from plumbing and fixtures throughout your home. - Common sources include water heaters, water tanks, meters, and brass fittings. - Even copper plumbing can leach lead due to solder or brass fittings. - Test every faucet in your house - contamination could be inside. - Older houses and pipes are at higher risk of lead leaching. - City-wide contamination is rare, so utilities often don't test. - There is no "safe level" for lead - get the most sensitive test. - Lead is invisible, odorless, and tasteless - boiling won't remove it. - Most filters do not remove lead. - Gain peace of mind with quick, at-home results. **Choose the trusted manufacturer:** - Validated by EPA-certified laboratories. - Trusted by professionals, universities, governments, and thousands of families. - Developed and Manufactured in the USA. - Don't fall for imitations - buy from the company that pioneered this kit. Protect your loved ones - trust Watersafe Lead Test, the ultimate solution for lead detection in your drinking water. Don't risk imitations; choose safety today!


  • (1) Lead Test Strip

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